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DigiClock Widget - Android

A clock widget for Android which started as a personal project for my own T-Mobile G1 and turned into a well received app with over 1,000,000 downloads. Initially i wanted a clock similar to RetroClock by jSource. The problem was that i also wanted the date showing, which RetroClock doesn't have. So i made this. Turns out i wasn't alone in wanting what i made.



Click help on the left if you are having problems! The clock now has many kewl and useful features,

  • Many included themes, with more coming, including a fully transparent one as requested by many!
  • Format the date ( currently in Beta ). You can configure the appearance of the date tag by manually editing the format. A simple UI is included
  • You can choose multiple applications to appear in a list of launchables when tapped. If only one is selected, it just launches that one. You can select no applications to disable the Tap to Launch feature.

If you enjoy using the widget, feel free to rate it, review it, blog about or click Kit me up! on the left.